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Food Studies Online

Thanks to the generosity of the Faculty of Humanities which approved the ‘Asian Food’ collection budget last year, Leiden University Libraries will have access to “Food Studies Online“, a large database with a wealth of materials and sources related to food studies.

Food Studies Online contains rare and hard-to-find archival content: cookbooks, menus, recipe books, marketing pamphlets, posters and secondary sources. Videos include documentaries (for example [see filmstill], the documentary “A Taste of China” from the early 1980s), interview series and vintage commercials.
The food ephemera collection has over 5,000 pages of ephemeral materials from the turn of the century through the 1960s, made up of educational pamphlets from food production companies as well as food labels, food advertisements, and recipe books.

The larger part of the materials contained in this database are kept at the Schlesinger Library, at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute, which is renowned for its extensive collections on food (i.e. 20,000 cookbooks and the manuscripts of Julia Child).
Alexander Street’s Food Studies Online provides researchers rich archival content, visual ephemera, monographs, and videos that explore how food shapes the world around us. Food studies is a relatively new field of study, but its importance is felt in many major disciplines. It has social, historical, economic, cultural, religious, and political implications that reach far beyond what is consumed at the dinner table.

Picture credit above: hand-pulling noodles in a 1981 Shandong province restaurant kitchen. Filmstill from ‘A TASTE OF CHINA, Part 1: Masters of the Wok‘, 4:28

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Westlaw Japan

The Library has full access to Westlaw Japan (Uesutorō Japan. ウエストロー・ジャパン) the no.1 legal database for Japan.

Westlaw Japan is a comprehensive Japanese online legal information service which covers wide variety of legal information and reference materials including legislation with versions, cases, decisions, books and journals, bibliographies, news articles along with search and display functionalities.

Westlaw Japan offers over 250,000 cases from pre-world war II to date (as of Jun 2015) including full-text cases and other value added editorial enhancements such as accurate and concise abstracts, byline and flash commentaries, as well as applicable legislations.

Also included are cover articles from journals including “Hanrei Times”, “Jurist digital edition”, “100 selected cases”, “Legal class room”, law reviews by the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, “Rule of Law” by the Japan Bar Association, and “Toki no Horei” by Choyokai from the initial issue.

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IMF eLibrary data

We have a trial until the beginning of June to lots of data for you to work with: the IMF eLibrary data database, the eLibrary of the International Monetary Fund or IMF.

This database simplifies analysis and research with direct access to the IMF’s periodicals, books, working papers and studies, and data and statistical tools.
IMF Data provides information and perspective on macroeconomics, globalization, development, trade, aid, demographics, emerging markets, policy advice, poverty reduction and more.

IMF eLibrary is easy to use, you can build your own queries and run specified data reports: (quote) “Data Reports helps users to easily build reports and charts covering many common IMF data topics. Predetermined country, topic, and data sources are available through the dropdown menus in the Data Reports tool. Query Builder allows users to develop a customized data search by filtering across country, concepts, and database sources to generate a report” (unquote). Read more from the IMF’s brochure [in PDF] Explore the new IMF eLibrary.

Leiden University Libraries are having the IMF eLibrary data on trial until the beginning of June 2014. If you like this resource, please let us know! Drop us an email at the email address of the subject librarian of Middle Eastern Studies or the subject librarian of Chinastudies. Thanks!

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Asian Film Online

Asian Film Online is an online streaming video collection of nearly 500 narrative feature films, documentaries, and shorts, addressing themes such as modernity, globalization, national identity, female agency, inequalities in opportunity amid social and political unrest, and cultural and sexual identity.

For China there are 32 films, 23 films on Japan, and quite a few – over 100 in fact- for South Korea! Of course other Asian countries like India, Iran, Maylasia, Indonesia or Singapore are represented as well.

Just like Alexander Street Anthropology (also known as ‘Ethnographic Video Online‘) all films have transcripts, which are highlighted to show which part you are viewing; one can search through the transcript for a certain text and then jump to the section one is looking for. You can also make clips of any film to save in your own set (free registration), which you can then embed or share.

Leiden University Libraries have subscribed to this streaming video service for one year. If you like it, please let us know! Drop us an email at the email address of the subject librarian of Chinastudies. Thanks!

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ebooks trial De Gruyter

There is a short (but sweet?) trial access to all of De Gruyter‘s ebooks until July 7, 2012.

Go to De Gruyter Online to browse their close to 9000 ebooks on all kinds of subjects. You can search for titles, but also browse by category. There are some interesting titles to be found on China, Japan and Korea.

There is the complete fulltext of the studies in Chinese literature from the series ‘Geschichte der Chinesische literatur‘, but one can also find works on liguisitics like ‘Early Child Cantonese‘ or a study on the grammar of the Chinese Xiang Dialects.
Whatever you are interested in – it might be useful to take a quick look to browse around to see what you can come up with, while it is free!

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PLA Daily 解放军报 trial until June 21

The library has trial access to PLA Daily or Jiefang jun bao 解放军报, the official daily of the People’s Liberation Army. There is access to all issues from 1956 up to now until June 21, so be sure to take a look if you are interested!
[please note the link above only works from inside the university network, or from home after logging in with your university account]

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Free access to Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks until June 14

Don’t miss out on free access to The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks Online. Until June 14, Asian Studies scholars can enjoy weeks of free access to The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks Online. Just click this link: and log in with the following details: (more…)

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