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Special collections: Van Gulik collection

Van Gulik Collection

the Lore of the Chinese luteThe Van Gulik Collection consists mostly of books from the personal library of Robert Hans van Gulik 高羅佩 (1910-1967), Dutch sinologist, diplomat and writer of detective stories.

Van Gulik’s collection is best known for its ancient Chinese novels, literature, and books on art and music (qin), and for its special publications like Japanese blockprints of Chinese works, studies on China and Japan, and a collection of congshu, Chinese ‘collected works’ or collectanea. (more…)

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Special collections: old Manchu and Mongolian books

Old Manchu and Mongolian books

The East Asian Library in Leiden University has a collection of 40 old books and manuscripts in Manchu. Most of these were described in Professor Hartmut Walravens’ German 1986 catalogue of 35 Manchu books, which were published as “Mandjurische Bücher im Sinologisch Instituut, Leiden”. This collection originates mostly from seven 19th century scholars. We also have a small collection of old Mongolian books, comprising one calendar and four Christian items.

This collection also comprises 5 Mongolian books and 5 Imperial or Presidential Decrees for meritorious officials. Half of the Manchu books are linguistic works; there are also many translations of Chinese classics and fiction. Special works are the Manchu translation of the Jin Ping Mei and the admonitions of the Qianlong and Jiaqing emperors. (more…)

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Special collections: Gützlaff Collection

Gützlaff Collection

The Gützlaff Collection consists of 109 Chinese Protestant works from before roughly 1855. Together with the KNAG Collection, which is also located inside the East Asian Library, the Gützlaff Collection contains a substantial and representative part of the publication activities of Protestant missionaries in China in the early 19th century.

Besides being one of the largest collections of Gützlaff’s works in Chinese, the collection also contains samples of the earliest Chinese journals ever printed, mostly containing information about the West. The majority of the works were originally kept in the Nederlands Zendeling Genootschap (Netherlands Missionary Society) and the Nederlands Bijbel Genootschap (Netherlands Bible Society), and were aquired by the library in 1980. (more…)

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Special collections: local gazetteers 地方志

Local gazetteers 地方志

The East Asian Library has a growing collection of 地方志, local gazetteers (local histories), of the Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasties (960-1911) and the Republican period (1911-1949).
These gazetteers are kept in the normal stacks and more than 2000 of them can be found through the online catalogue with the search term 地方志.

The older gazetteers, which have traditional Chinese binding, can not yet be searched online: find them through the card catalogue in the Green Room in de East Asian Library. (more…)

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Special collections: Rare and special books (VGK)

Rare and special books (VGK)

After the founding of the Sinological Institute in 1930, the majority of the 850 Chinese books inside the Leiden University Library were moved to the Chinese library of the Sinological Institute, later the East Asian Library. Since the summer of 2016 all of the collections have moved to the Asian Library at the main University Library at the Witte Singel, where they can be accessed at the Special Collections, during opening hours.

Some of the works had been in the University Library’s collection since the 17th century, but most were acquired after the 1870s.
Professor of Chinese studies J.J.L. Duyvendak, director of the Sinological Institute from 1930, actively acquired many rare and special editions in China. Many of the works were kept in the Van Gulik Room (Van Gulik kamer). Most of the collection can be found through our library catalogue. The library has about 3,000 rare or old Chinese books (古籍善本) (including all special collections). (more…)

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Special collections: Kong-Koan archives

Kong-Koan Archives

The Kong Koan Archives are the original Chinese and Malay Archives of the Chinese Council (Chinese Raad or Kong Koan 公館) in Batavia dating from the 18h to the 20th centuries. These are the only pre-modern Archives of Overseas Chinese in existence today.
The Kong Koan Archives do not belong to the University Library, but are housed inside the East Asian Library. For more information see the website ‘Friends of the Kong Koan Archives‘ (their new site is up!).

During its long existence as a semi-official colonial institution, the Kong Koan collected sizeable Chinese archival holdings with demographic data on marriages and funerals, accountbooks of the religious organisations and temples, documents connected with educational institutions, and the meetings of the board itself. (more…)

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Special collections: unofficial poetry journals

Unofficial poetry journals

In 2006, Professor Maghiel van Crevel donated his collection of unofficial poetry journals from the People’s Republic of China to the East Asian Library. This is an internationally unique collection, acquired during his extensive fieldwork since 1991, dating from the first publications after the Cultural Revolution in 1978 until the beginning of the 21st century.

A complete list of the journals can be found through the library catalogue with the search term SINOL. UNPO. You can also find this list through Van Crevel’s “Unofficial Poetry Journals from the People’s Republic of China: A Research Note and an Annotated Bibliography” (2007), accessible from the MCLC Resource Center. (more…)

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