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Asian Film Online

Asian Film Online is an online streaming video collection of nearly 500 narrative feature films, documentaries, and shorts, addressing themes such as modernity, globalization, national identity, female agency, inequalities in opportunity amid social and political unrest, and cultural and sexual identity.

For China there are 32 films, 23 films on Japan, and quite a few – over 100 in fact- for South Korea! Of course other Asian countries like India, Iran, Maylasia, Indonesia or Singapore are represented as well.

Just like Alexander Street Anthropology (also known as ‘Ethnographic Video Online‘) all films have transcripts, which are highlighted to show which part you are viewing; one can search through the transcript for a certain text and then jump to the section one is looking for. You can also make clips of any film to save in your own set (free registration), which you can then embed or share.

Leiden University Libraries have subscribed to this streaming video service for one year. If you like it, please let us know! Drop us an email at the email address of the subject librarian of Chinastudies. Thanks!

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Korea in Leiden

This week will be a special one for Korea in Leiden: professor Remco Breuker will hold his inaugural lecture for Koreastudies, making North Korea very much the focus of all kinds of events this week.

Here’s an overview of this week’s programme:

  • On Wednesday, September 19, Dr. Geir Helgesen (NIAS) will hold a lecture entitled “A User’s Manual to North Korea” in De Waag, Aalmarkt 12, from 4:15 till 6:30 PM (IIAS reception to follow, entrance is free)
  • On Thursday, September 20, there will be a full day (closed) launch of the Leiden Initiative on North Korea (IIAS)
  • On Friday, September 21, prof. Remco Breuker will hold his inaugural lecture at 4 PM sharp in the Academiegebouw – if you would like to attend this lecture and ceremony, sign up through this link

Books on North Korea
Of course the East Asian Library will join in this week’s focus on North Korea ! We have put an interesting collection of our library’s books on North Korea on view in the reading room.

Movies on North Korea
Because the library has quite a large selection of films and documentaries on (North) Korea, we will show a selection inside the library this week. In the ‘movie corner’ of the library – from the entrance to the right – there will be an ongoing show every day (except Friday). Feel free to drop in and watch any time you like!

Here is this week’s programme of movies on North Korea:

  • Mon Sep 17 南部軍 Nambugun: North Korean Partisan in South Korea [film]
  • Tue Sep 18 천리마 축구단 the Game of their Lives [documentary]
  • Wed Sep 19 The road Taken [documentary]
  • Thursday September 20: evening movie: The Flower Girl. This great North Korean classic is showing from 4.15 PM. Entrance is free!

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Leids filmfestival showing Chinese films

Let the bullets flyGood news for all Chinese movie lovers: at the Leids Filmfestival this year, there will be a track of Chinese films called ‘The Reel China‘.

It all starts on Wednesday October 26 with the showing of Aftershock, one of the major box office hits in China last year. The movie, directed by Feng Xiaogang, tells the story of a family separated by the great Tangshan earthquake of 1976. (more…)

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Chinese dvds

We have a large collection of Chinese DVDs, 300 of which are in our catalogue – click this link to find them.
But did you know we have many many more yet uncatalogued DVDs inside our library on the shelves? This list is a ‘quick and dirty’ list of a large stack of the DVDs we have, put on alphabet of the English title. For the alphabetic list of the Chinese titles in pinyin, please scroll down.
These DVDs can be viewed inside the library on the special pcs we have for films or on the large screen; they can’t be taken outside. If you are interested in viewing a title, contact the staff of the lending desk and they will try to locate the DVD for you. Read on to view the list of titles: (more…)

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Ethnographic Video Online

Ethnographic Video Online or ‘Alexander Street Anthropology‘ is a collection of almost 700 films, covering every region of the world. It features the work of many of the most influential documentary filmmakers of the 20th century, including interviews, previously unreleased raw footage, field notes, study guides, and more.
For China, there is a collection of 12 titles, for Japan a collection of 21 titles and for Korea there is 1 title , plus another 12 for Taiwan and 3 for Tibet in Ethnographic Video Online. (more…)

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Come to the movies at the EAL!

The use of audiovisual materials has grown tremendously in the study of Non-Western cultures. The East Asian Library has collected films from Chinese, Japanese and Korean cinema for many years. In the coming weeks a selection of our collection is displayed in the reading room of the library, enhanced by original film posters from private collections of LIAS staff members!

You can view our audiovisual materials right inside the East Asian Library: we have a special multimedia section featuring a tv screen, video and dvd equipment. You can either use the special computers and headphones available for viewing, or enjoy your favorite films from our big screen with a larger audience. Use of all equipment is free!

Find your favorite film through browsing our catalogue:

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