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Colonial-period Korea

Our new resource Colonial-period Korea is a collection of scanned publications from Korea’s colonial period (1876-1945), which includes almost 300 works: more than 62,000 pages in Japanese, 18,000 pages of Western (in most cases English) early impressions of Korea, and Korean texts (16,000 pages). (more…)

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Cambridge history of Chinese literature

There are several new volumes available online from the ‘Cambridge Histories Online‘ series, which are available from the University Library. These two volumes: Chinese Literature up to 1375 (Volume 1, edited by Stephen Owen), and Chinese Literature from 1375 (Volume 2, edited by Kang-i Sun Chang), were already on the shelves of the East Asian Library as a reference work, but you can read from anywhere within the university network (and from home with your login password). (more…)

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China academic journals (CAJ)

Since November 2010 we have access to China Academic Journals [中国期刊全文数据库], a vast collection of Chinese electronic journals. Our license covers four major subjects, resulting in access to over 4,000 journals:

You can search this ejournal database by pinyin or in Chinese characters. Most journals are covered from their first issue, since we have access to all of the archives. Once one has found an article, there is an abstract, plus a list of links to all articles cited inside the article. Furthermore, the list of ‘similar documents’ is really useful – it not only searches through the whole CAJ database for other materials covering the same subject, but also the databases of the Chinese Masters’ (CMFD) and Doctoral Dissertations (CDFD), plus the Chinese Yearbooks. The CAJ fulltext journal database works for multiple concurrent users and is definitely worth checking out!

The Staatsbibliothek Berlin has put a user Guide CAJ [PDF] online. Please note you can only access the fulltext journals from inside the library network, or after logging in with your university password from home.

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literature and theatrical art

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