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Naver News Library [네이버]

Naver News Library is a (free) full-text Korean newspaper article archive, containing the following major newspapers:

  • Tonga ilbo 東亞日報 = Dong-A ilbo : 1920-1999
  • Kyŏnghyang sinmun 京鄕新聞 = Kyunghyang Shinmun : 1946-1999
  • Maeil kyŏngje sinmun 每日經濟新聞 = Maeil Business Newspaper : 1966-1999
  • Han’gyŏre 한겨레 = The Hankyoreh : 1988-1999

The Naver database has full-text keyword searching and navigating functions and displays in three formats – original text, Han’gul version text, and original images.

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KRpia – Korean ebook database

KRpia is a large Korean language ebook database including many reference works like encyclopaedias, dictionaries, historical and archival resources, biographical sources and other reference materials related to Korean history, literature, civilization and medicine. (more…)

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DBpia – Korean ejournal portal

DBpia 전체검색 (누리미디어) is a large collection of more than 1300 Korean fulltext journals covering the fields of humanities, education, literature, arts, social science, theology, economics, management, law, medicine, administration, and natural sciences. (more…)

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