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Global Commodities

The Global Commodities database provides a vast range of visual, manuscript and printed materials, sourced from over twenty key libraries and more than a dozen companies and trade organisations worldwide. These original sources will help scholars to explore the history of fifteen major commodities from about 1500 and to examine the ways that these have changed the world.

The commodities explored in this resource are: coffee, tea, chocolate, cotton, fur, opium, oil, porcelain, silver and gold, spices, sugar, timber, tobacco, wheat, wine and spirits. The content of Global Commodities comprises mainly primary sources providing high quality visual materials, descriptions, diaries, shipping manifests, travel logs, and much more. (more…)

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IMF eLibrary data

We have a trial until the beginning of June to lots of data for you to work with: the IMF eLibrary data database, the eLibrary of the International Monetary Fund or IMF.

This database simplifies analysis and research with direct access to the IMF’s periodicals, books, working papers and studies, and data and statistical tools.
IMF Data provides information and perspective on macroeconomics, globalization, development, trade, aid, demographics, emerging markets, policy advice, poverty reduction and more.

IMF eLibrary is easy to use, you can build your own queries and run specified data reports: (quote) “Data Reports helps users to easily build reports and charts covering many common IMF data topics. Predetermined country, topic, and data sources are available through the dropdown menus in the Data Reports tool. Query Builder allows users to develop a customized data search by filtering across country, concepts, and database sources to generate a report” (unquote). Read more from the IMF’s brochure [in PDF] Explore the new IMF eLibrary.

Leiden University Libraries are having the IMF eLibrary data on trial until the beginning of June 2014. If you like this resource, please let us know! Drop us an email at the email address of the subject librarian of Middle Eastern Studies or the subject librarian of Chinastudies. Thanks!

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Asian Studies E-Books Online

From today, Leiden University has full access to Brill’s Asian Studies ebook collection 2007-2012, part of Brill’s platform for ebooks and journals called Brill Online books and journals.
Leiden University has always had a strong focus on Asian studies, and Brill’s Asian ebooks cover this subject perfectly. Many of Brill’s recent academic works on China, Japan and Korea are part of this collection, and some well known earlier publications are incorporated too.
All fulltext and searchable publications are available for download (PDF): either from inside our university, or after logging in from home with ULCN name and password.

Searching is easy by using the search screen and then restricting by subject or time of publication; it is also possible to search for chapters in books.

Here is the full list of the Asian Studies E-Books Online through Brill :

Books to be found in this large collection include, for example, Erik Zürcher’s The Buddhist Conquest of China; Van Crevel’s Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money; Kevin M. Doak’s A History of Nationalism in Modern Japan; and Remco Breuker’s Establishing a Pluralist Society in Medieval Korea, 918-1170.

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Digital National Security Archive

Our library has access to the large new database of Digital National Security Archives of the United States, which might be very useful to anyone interested in Chinese, Japanese or Korean politics.

The DNSA contains the most comprehensive set of declassified government documents available. The resource now includes 38 collections consisting of over 94,000 meticulously indexed documents with a total of 650,000 pages. Each of these collections covers the most critical world events, countries, and U.S. policy decisions from post World War II through the 21st century.
Compiled by top scholars and experts, this archive includes glossaries, chronologies, bibliographies, overviews, and photographs.

Search the archive by going to the search page of the Digital National Security Archive and filling in ‘China’ for example. One can refine by document type (i.e. Classified, Top Secret etc.) and add extra keywords.

Here is a list of all available collections, but especially interesting to us are the following:

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Kikkoman chair for Leiden University

Kikkoman less saltIt was all over the news last weekend, because the major Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf picked it up: Leiden University will get a ‘Hoogleraar Sojasaus’ (soy sauce professor) or ‘Kikkoman Chair‘ in 2013.

Of course (or unfortunately perhaps?) this does not mean there will be someone specializing in the various tasty soy sauces of Japan – or China. It means the large Japanese soy sauce firm Kikkoman, which has been in Europe for 15 years now, will fund a professorship at Leiden University. Together with the ‘Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst‘ they will appoint a professor and a scholarship student for the so called “Kikkoman Chair for the study of Asia-Europe intercultural dynamics, with special attention to material culture, art and human development“.

The press release at Leiden University (‘Nieuwe Kikkoman leerstoel‘) states there is a perfect candidate for this position of professor, but no names are yet disclosed. These will probably be announced shortly.

[Update: Shared Taste]

Read all about soy sauce (dutch) on Tokowijzer: sojasaus

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ProQuest dissertations and theses FULLTEXT

[update: Leiden University have had a trial to ProQuest in March 2012, but it has now been extended to the full version of the available fulltext of all dissertations and theses on ProQuest from September 2012!]
Leiden University not only has access to ProQuest’s dissertations and theses abstracts and index, but has now purchased the fulltext of the ProQuest dissertations and theses database (in easy downloadable PDFs).

There are about 2.9 million dissertations and master theses in the ProQuest database (90% from the US), most of the fulltext dissertations available are from 1997 and later.

Have a look by yourself through the following link: ProQuest dissertations and theses. Or have a look at some examples, like Chinese art; Chinese film; Japanese poetry; Korean literature, …

Try the advanced search screen if you already know what you are looking for. You can search for the dissertations of known universities there, too – (including Leiden) although most of the non-US dissertations sadly have only abstracts and no fulltext.

Of course these searches don’t often get you what you’d expect, or searching for something might not lead to quick results, but when you browse around for a while and try to restrict your search results by choosing a time period in the lower right corner or adding or distracting some keywords, results might improve considerably.

Dissertations and theses are available for PDF download. Enjoy this great source for research!

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Asahi Kikuzou II visual 朝日聞蔵IIビジュアル

The Asahi Kikuzou is the online database of one of Japan’s leading newspapers Asahi Shimbun. The Asahi Kikuzou database offers full access to all national and most regional publications of the Asahi Shimbun since its inauguration. Aside from newspaper articles, the database contains a popular wordbook, a person database and a historical photo archive.

After pressing the big green button saying “Enter (SSL)” you are taken to the main screen with five different tabs. They give access to the following sources: (more…)

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Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS)

BAS, the Bibliography of Asian Studies, is a large database with thousands of articles on various subjects on East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia. It is a great starting point for collecting materials when doing research or writing a paper. (more…)

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Come to the movies at the EAL!

The use of audiovisual materials has grown tremendously in the study of Non-Western cultures. The East Asian Library has collected films from Chinese, Japanese and Korean cinema for many years. In the coming weeks a selection of our collection is displayed in the reading room of the library, enhanced by original film posters from private collections of LIAS staff members!

You can view our audiovisual materials right inside the East Asian Library: we have a special multimedia section featuring a tv screen, video and dvd equipment. You can either use the special computers and headphones available for viewing, or enjoy your favorite films from our big screen with a larger audience. Use of all equipment is free!

Find your favorite film through browsing our catalogue:

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please note this is an overview of the sinological collection of the East Asian Library, many more works on Japan can be found through the Japanese collection of the East Asian Library.

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