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ProQuest dissertations and theses FULLTEXT

[update: Leiden University have had a trial to ProQuest in March 2012, but it has now been extended to the full version of the available fulltext of all dissertations and theses on ProQuest from September 2012!]
Leiden University not only has access to ProQuest’s dissertations and theses abstracts and index, but has now purchased the fulltext of the ProQuest dissertations and theses database (in easy downloadable PDFs).

There are about 2.9 million dissertations and master theses in the ProQuest database (90% from the US), most of the fulltext dissertations available are from 1997 and later.

Have a look by yourself through the following link: ProQuest dissertations and theses. Or have a look at some examples, like Chinese art; Chinese film; Japanese poetry; Korean literature, …

Try the advanced search screen if you already know what you are looking for. You can search for the dissertations of known universities there, too – (including Leiden) although most of the non-US dissertations sadly have only abstracts and no fulltext.

Of course these searches don’t often get you what you’d expect, or searching for something might not lead to quick results, but when you browse around for a while and try to restrict your search results by choosing a time period in the lower right corner or adding or distracting some keywords, results might improve considerably.

Dissertations and theses are available for PDF download. Enjoy this great source for research!

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Asahi Kikuzou II visual 朝日聞蔵IIビジュアル

The Asahi Kikuzou is the online database of one of Japan’s leading newspapers Asahi Shimbun. The Asahi Kikuzou database offers full access to all national and most regional publications of the Asahi Shimbun since its inauguration. Aside from newspaper articles, the database contains a popular wordbook, a person database and a historical photo archive.

After pressing the big green button saying “Enter (SSL)” you are taken to the main screen with five different tabs. They give access to the following sources: (more…)

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CHANT : Chinese Ancient Texts database

Our access to the Chinese Ancient texts database has been renewed! CHANT is a fulltext database with the following:

    By material:

  • 甲骨文 jiaguwen : inscriptions on oracle bones and tortoise shells;
  • 金文 jinwen: inscriptions on bronze vessels;
  • 竹简帛书I zhujian boshu I: inscriptions on ‘bamboo and silk’ I;
  • 竹简帛书II zhujian boshu II: inscriptions on ‘bamboo and silk’ II;
    By time period:

  • 先秦两汉 xian Qin liang Han: Early Qin and Eastern and Western Han dynasty;
  • 魏晋南北朝 Wei Jin Nanbei chao: Wei, Jin and the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

When following the link to CHANT, press the button saying ‘For IP User Only 只限IP用戶’ to access the database, then choose the texts you would like to read.
Sometimes the ancient characters in CHANT are not showing correctly (only showing a square box); the site wants you to download special fonts for Windows. Hopefully there will be an update at some time to tackle this annoying problem.

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Oxford Scholarship online

In May 2011, Leiden University Libraries got licensed access to Oxford Scholarship Online, a collection of fulltext ebooks published by Oxford University Press. The Leiden University Libraries have currently access to 491 titles in the collections Classical studies, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Religion. (more…)

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Chinese reference ebooks (Apabi)

The East Asian Library has access to 168 Reference ebooks through Chinese ebook portal Apabi. This is a collection of dictionaries and encyclopedias on various subjects, i.e. literature, films, Chinese who’s who, Buddhism, ancient texts, Tibet, Chinese vegetables… just browse the list to find out!

Through this Apabi reference books link you can either browse by subject or by alphabet, or continue reading to see a full list of titles here (by alphabet): (more…)

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