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Cambridge History of China

The original editors to this (still unfinished) series are John K. Fairbank † and Denis Twitchett †, assisted by scholars of each particular time period. Every volume is made up of serveral chapters, written by experts in the field. Each article gives an overview of a certain subject, often bringing to light new materials and viewpoints.

There are not only many footnotes in the text itself, but also a long list of references with each chapter title – listed separately in the online version with added SFX button (please note the catalog search often is lost in Wade Giles to pinyin-translation, plus there is the famous name-surname confusion unworthy of this Cambridge Histories online version).

The last chapter of each volume is often made up of a very useful bibliography. Furthermore, most volumes contain bibliographic essays, reviewing primary sources and secundary materials of the given period. (more…)

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