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Foundation of Chinese Dietary Culture portal

FCDCThanks to the generous support of the Faculty of Humanities, Asian Food collection, we now have access to the Foundation of Chinese Dietary Culture portal 餐飲文化暨管理資料庫 (FDCD’s Database of Dietary Culture and Management, Yinshi wenhua ji guanli ziliao ku).

This portal of the important (Taiwan based) Foundation of Chinese Dietary Culture, 餐飲文化暨管理資料庫, includes the fulltext of 50 ancient works on gastronmy; 1,000 scanned menus; index to 700,000 newspaper clippings; index to journal documents and academic papers since 1970s; the index to the foundation’s papers since 1988; the fulltext of the collected papers of all FCDC annual meetings since 1988 and the fulltext of all issues of the FCDC journal since 2005.


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Westlaw Japan

The Library has full access to Westlaw Japan (Uesutorō Japan. ウエストロー・ジャパン) the no.1 legal database for Japan.

Westlaw Japan is a comprehensive Japanese online legal information service which covers wide variety of legal information and reference materials including legislation with versions, cases, decisions, books and journals, bibliographies, news articles along with search and display functionalities.

Westlaw Japan offers over 250,000 cases from pre-world war II to date (as of Jun 2015) including full-text cases and other value added editorial enhancements such as accurate and concise abstracts, byline and flash commentaries, as well as applicable legislations.

Also included are cover articles from journals including “Hanrei Times”, “Jurist digital edition”, “100 selected cases”, “Legal class room”, law reviews by the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, “Rule of Law” by the Japan Bar Association, and “Toki no Horei” by Choyokai from the initial issue.

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Chinese Studies – Oxford Bibliographies Online

We have access to Chinese Studies – Oxford Bibliographies, with Tim Wright (Emeritus Professor of Chinese Studies, University of Sheffield) as editor in chief, and a board of editors and expert contributors who have written on the subject. The list of research fields is updated regularly.

The Bibliography in Chinese Studies provides an authoritative guide to the whole field’s key works and the most important scholarship in European languages as well as Chinese and Japanese. (more…)

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IMF eLibrary data

We have a trial until the beginning of June to lots of data for you to work with: the IMF eLibrary data database, the eLibrary of the International Monetary Fund or IMF.

This database simplifies analysis and research with direct access to the IMF’s periodicals, books, working papers and studies, and data and statistical tools.
IMF Data provides information and perspective on macroeconomics, globalization, development, trade, aid, demographics, emerging markets, policy advice, poverty reduction and more.

IMF eLibrary is easy to use, you can build your own queries and run specified data reports: (quote) “Data Reports helps users to easily build reports and charts covering many common IMF data topics. Predetermined country, topic, and data sources are available through the dropdown menus in the Data Reports tool. Query Builder allows users to develop a customized data search by filtering across country, concepts, and database sources to generate a report” (unquote). Read more from the IMF’s brochure [in PDF] Explore the new IMF eLibrary.

Leiden University Libraries are having the IMF eLibrary data on trial until the beginning of June 2014. If you like this resource, please let us know! Drop us an email at the email address of the subject librarian of Middle Eastern Studies or the subject librarian of Chinastudies. Thanks!

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ACLS Humanities E-Book collection

The Leiden University Libraries have acquired a new set of e-books on the platform ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies), the ACLS Humanities E-Book collection or ‘HEB’ in short.

There are about 4000 e-books from the humanities, mostly area studies and historical studies. Several titles are already in use on the East Asian Library teacher shelves (i.e. Stevan Harrell’s Cultural encounters on China’s ethnic frontiers) and there are many other well read titles on China, Japan and Korea, so it is interesting to have a look! I found 70 books for China and 50 for Japan and Korea.
All titles can be found through the university catalogue as well.

Search the full title list here. If you would like to stay up to date with new titles, follow their blog ACLS humanities e-book.

Books on China:

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Trials to dictionaries

Until May 22, 2013, we will have a free trial for the online version of two famous dictionaries. One is the 汉语大词典 Hanyu da cidian, the second the 康熙字典 Kangxi zidian. The Hanyu da cidian is a very large, 12 volume Chinese-Chinese dictionary with over 20.000 entries, compiled by a dedicated group of editors in 1986. It is one of the largest dictionaries from the 20th century.
The second dictionary is the Kangxi dictionary, which is a dictionary made by commission of the Kangxi emperor of the Qing dynasty in 1710 and completed in 1716. This 24-volume dictionary of more than 47.000 entries is a must for anyone reading classical Chinese.

CNKI, who also hosts our popular China Academic Journals database, and the China Masters dissertations database, has put these two dictionaries together in one large search screen. Search by character – type in directly, or use pinyin to pick your character from an alphabetical list. It will take you to the first three lines of the dictionary entry, and then one can click through after typing in the password leiden/leiden.

Feel free to use this trial to your advantage and if you like it, let us know!

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Asian Studies E-Books Online

From today, Leiden University has full access to Brill’s Asian Studies ebook collection 2007-2012, part of Brill’s platform for ebooks and journals called Brill Online books and journals.
Leiden University has always had a strong focus on Asian studies, and Brill’s Asian ebooks cover this subject perfectly. Many of Brill’s recent academic works on China, Japan and Korea are part of this collection, and some well known earlier publications are incorporated too.
All fulltext and searchable publications are available for download (PDF): either from inside our university, or after logging in from home with ULCN name and password.

Searching is easy by using the search screen and then restricting by subject or time of publication; it is also possible to search for chapters in books.

Here is the full list of the Asian Studies E-Books Online through Brill :

Books to be found in this large collection include, for example, Erik Zürcher’s The Buddhist Conquest of China; Van Crevel’s Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money; Kevin M. Doak’s A History of Nationalism in Modern Japan; and Remco Breuker’s Establishing a Pluralist Society in Medieval Korea, 918-1170.

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Kikkoman chair for Leiden University

Kikkoman less saltIt was all over the news last weekend, because the major Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf picked it up: Leiden University will get a ‘Hoogleraar Sojasaus’ (soy sauce professor) or ‘Kikkoman Chair‘ in 2013.

Of course (or unfortunately perhaps?) this does not mean there will be someone specializing in the various tasty soy sauces of Japan – or China. It means the large Japanese soy sauce firm Kikkoman, which has been in Europe for 15 years now, will fund a professorship at Leiden University. Together with the ‘Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst‘ they will appoint a professor and a scholarship student for the so called “Kikkoman Chair for the study of Asia-Europe intercultural dynamics, with special attention to material culture, art and human development“.

The press release at Leiden University (‘Nieuwe Kikkoman leerstoel‘) states there is a perfect candidate for this position of professor, but no names are yet disclosed. These will probably be announced shortly.

[Update: Shared Taste]

Read all about soy sauce (dutch) on Tokowijzer: sojasaus

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Mo Yan wins 2012 Nobel prize in literature

Quite to the surprise of the many Haruki Murakami lovers at the East Asian Library, Chinese novelist Mo Yan (莫言, 1955) has won this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature!

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