Chinese local gazetteers 中國方志庫

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The Chinese local gazetteers 中國方志庫 database (by Airusheng/ Erudition) is a large collection of more than 4000 (in future 10,000) geographical works known as ‘gazetteers’, dating from the Han dynasty until the Republican era.

There are gazetteers grouped by jurisdiction, i.e. at national and comprehensive levels (總志; 一統志), as well as at provincial levels (省 sheng), town levels (府 fu, 州 zhou) and district (xian 縣) levels; other gazetteers are on temples, mountains, rivers and border regions. Airusheng is expected to add more gazetteers in the years to come.

All texts are provided in full text and image format, allowing for a direct comparison both between digitized text and original text image. The database is fully searchable and available to all staff and students from the university as well as from home with ULCN login.

Here’s how to access this database (1 user only)

  • Go to, ‘Welcome to the Erudition Central server’
  • Choose 愛如生古籍數據庫: 方志、[…], the third from the list of ‘Products’ on the right hand side
  • Click the large blue button saying ‘Log in’. Don’t fill in user ID or password - we are recognized on IP
  • On the screen that follows, choose the blue book, top left, saying 中國方志庫
  • On the screen which follows, choose the top blue book saying ‘合集‘. Sets 1 and 2 are available, but clicking chuji 初集 or erji 二集 doesn’t give one access to the database, only the button heji 合集 will do.
  • Click the (rather vague) button down left from the bright blue (bi) disc 璧 saying, calligraphically, “進入“, to access the database
  • Click the button quanwen jiansuo 全文檢索 to do a fulltext search, or choose 區域檢索 to search by region.
  • Please click ‘tuichu’ 退出 or [x] after using,so the next person can access this database!


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