Shenbao 申报

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Established in 1872, 申报 Shenbao (historically transliterated as Shun Pao or Shen-pao) was the most influential and longest lasting commercial newspaper of before the establishment of the People’s Republic. Published in Shanghai until 1949, Shenbao was founded by Englishman Ernest Major, but, uniquely, as a newspaper for Chinese readers, written by Chinese reporters. During its existence, Shenbao gradually shifted from a conservative to a more liberal perspective, and played a pivotal role in the formation of public opinion in the imperial period and into the tumultuous beginnings of modern China.

Published over eight decades of its existence, Shenbao’s content varies: politics, economics, history, cultural studies – literature, art, cinema. Shenbao is a standard source for late 19th and early 20th-century history. Its multicultural editors and correspondents’ claims can be keyed to any research whose objectives are global historical patterns of interaction and modernity or the resistance and reinterpretation of traditions.

This complete facsimile imprint edition of Shenbao is fully searchable and covers all of the editions from 1872 up to the last one in 1945. With ‘版面浏览’ one can browse through Shenbao’s issues, use the 日期 box to adapt the dates. ‘全文检索’ is the fulltext search of all content; use ‘文章检索’ or ‘广告检索’ to search either for only articles, or only advertisments.
Clicking the link takes you to the fascimile page, showing all articles in fulltext. Click on the page or the article text to go to the fulltext, or use the magnifier glass (tick the box saying 启用放大镜) to enlarge the full page.
Saving or downloading pages is possible, click the magnifier first, then use right mouse click to ‘save image as’ .jpg or .bmp file. Date and page number is automatically generated in the image’s name.

Shenbao is accessible from the university computers, as well as from home with your Leiden University login (ULCN).


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