Special collections: Gützlaff Collection

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Gützlaff Collection

The Gützlaff Collection consists of 109 Chinese Protestant works from before roughly 1855. Together with the KNAG Collection, which is also located inside the East Asian Library, the Gützlaff Collection contains a substantial and representative part of the publication activities of Protestant missionaries in China in the early 19th century.

Besides being one of the largest collections of Gützlaff’s works in Chinese, the collection also contains samples of the earliest Chinese journals ever printed, mostly containing information about the West. The majority of the works were originally kept in the Nederlands Zendeling Genootschap (Netherlands Missionary Society) and the Nederlands Bijbel Genootschap (Netherlands Bible Society), and were aquired by the library in 1980.

The works in the Gützlaff Collection are in written in Chinese during the first half of the 19th century by Protestant missionairies. Most of the works are Christian tracts and Bible translations by Karl Friedrich August Gützlaff himself (Chinese names: 愛漢者, 善德(者), 郭實獵; known in China today as 郭士立. He was a German missionary).
Other titles include works by Robert Morrison 马礼逊 (1782-1834), William Milne 博愛者 (1785-1822), Liang A Fa 梁亞發 (1789-1855), Walter Henry Medhurst 尚德者 (1796-1857), John Ince 後學者 (1795-1825), David Collie 種德(者) (ca. 1800-1828), William Dean 憐, 爲仁者 (1807-1895), Dyer Ball 波乃耶 (1796-1866), James Legge 理雅各 (1815-1897), Lin Kezhen 林克貞, Rudolph Lechler 黎力基, George Piercy 俾士, and some unknown authors.

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The East Asian Library has several special collections. For access to these special collections, please contact the reference desk. Here’s our complete list of special collections on China:


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