Cambridge history of Chinese literature

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There are several new volumes available online from the ‘Cambridge Histories Online‘ series, which are available from the University Library. These two volumes: Chinese Literature up to 1375 (Volume 1, edited by Stephen Owen), and Chinese Literature from 1375 (Volume 2, edited by Kang-i Sun Chang), were already on the shelves of the East Asian Library as a reference work, but you can read from anywhere within the university network (and from home with your login password).

Cambridge History of Chinese Literature, Volume 1 (to 1375):

  • Introduction
  • Early Chinese literature, beginnings through Western Han by Martin Kern
  • From the Eastern Han through the Western Jin (ad 25–317) by David R. Knechtges
  • From the Eastern Jin through the early Tang (317–649) by Xiaofei Tian
  • The cultural Tang (650–1020) by Stephen Owen
  • The Northern Song (1020–1126) by Ronald Egan
  • North and south: the twelfth and thirteenth centuries by Michael A. Fuller and Shuen-Fu Lin
  • Literature from the late Jin to the early Ming: ca 1230–ca 1375 by Stephen H. West
  • Select bibliography / Glossary

Cambridge History of Chinese Literature, Volume 2:

    Introduction to Volume II
  • Literature of the early Ming to mid-Ming (1375–1572) by Kang-I Sun Chang
  • The literary culture of the late Ming (1573–1644) by Tina Lu
  • Early Qing to 1723 by Wai-Yee Li
  • The literati era and its demise (1723–1840) by Shang Wei
  • Prosimetric and verse narrative by Wilt L. Idema
  • Chinese literature from 1841 to 1937 by David Der-Wei Wang
  • Chinese literature from 1937 to the present by Michelle Yeh
  • Epilogue: Sinophone writings and the Chinese diaspora by Jing Tsu
  • Select Bibliography / Glossary

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Siku Quanshu 四库全书 Cambridge History of China

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